Powder Coating, Stove Enameling & Blasting
When building/Restoring/Repairing you need to choose the right finish. Standard paint on components such as parts underneath a car may suffer from paint chips in hard use. However there are two alternatives. Below are the benefits to both methods.

Instead of spraying a 'wet' paint in the traditional sence the parts are electrically charged and the paint is given opposite electric charge. This allows minimal paint waste and and an even paint buildup. The par tis then cooked for a few hours until the paint has hardened.

Stove Enameling
Similar to powdercoating during stove enameling the paint is baked again but it is painted with the same methods.

In order to get a good finish you need a good surface to start with. One of the easiest and best ways to get rid of paint is blasting. Media is propelled at high speed at and angle in order to remove the paint from an item and bring it back to the bare metal.

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